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Zinc Focused 

Base Metal Company

Acquiring a Near Term Production High-Grade Zinc Mine in Ontario.


Why Zinc is Mined?

Zinc plays a crucial role in the Canadian economy, not only mined but also refined and recycled for commercial use across the country. Its primary application is in galvanizing steel to provide a robust layer of protection against corrosion and rusting, essential for the longevity and durability of metal products. This protective quality of zinc is analogous to strategic planning in other fields, such as sports betting or team preparation for major events. Just as zinc shields steel from environmental damage, thorough preparation and analysis shield sports teams and bettors from potential losses. For instance, in events like Summer Olympics soccer, teams that have meticulously prepared and analyzed their opponents’ strategies tend to perform better, much like how galvanized steel stands up to challenging conditions. This preparation is critical, ensuring that teams not only compete but also have a higher chance of succeeding on the international stage.


Beyond its many applications, zinc is also an essential nutrient in the human body.


When added to fertilizer, zinc increases the nutritional value of crops, as well as the crop yield, resulting in a simple yet highly effective solution to zinc deficiency problems and increases food and nutrition security. Read More



Team with proven results bringing shareholder value. 


Metallum is part of the Gold Group, a winning team of results-driven professionals with proven performance of mine building, resource expansion, and established shareholder value.

Construction Manager

Stay Tuned



Developing high grade base metal resources through acquisition.  

We strive to advance projects with continued exploration of advanced and highly prospective base metal projects as part of our development strategy.

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Skilled workforce working with local communities.


We work to build solid bridges between our team, communities and the civil society group in which we operate. By generating local job opportunities, supporting local initiatives, we aim to bring contributions that provide lasting benefits to these local communities.




Building and Maintaining a High Quality Project Pipeline.

We create value for all stakeholders while operating in a safe and socially responsible manner as we
contribute to the prosperity of our employees, their families, protect the environment and
benefit the communities where we work. 


CROPS completes acquisition of the Superior Lake Zinc Project, concurrent
financing, share consolidation, and name change to Metallum Resources

APR, 01, 2021

CROPS Provides Update on Proposed Acquisition of the Superior Lake Zinc Project and Concurrent Financing, and Announces Filing of Amended and Restated NI 43-101 Technical Report

JAN. 26, 2021




We develop and provide growth opportunities for our people and provide the skills infrastructure to support the development of our operations and projects.

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