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Metallum Resources is a base metal company advancing its high grade Superior Zinc and Copper Project into production. We generate shared value over the long-term for our shareholders and stakeholders through environmental protection, and social responsibility. Sustainability is integral to all our operations and relationships.

We are engaged in the mining and mineral development of base metals with a focus on zinc and copper. Zinc is mined for commercial use to galvanize iron and steel to protect it from rusting, to create copper and brass with alloys, and for fertilizer to increase crop yield and quality which in turn increases food and nutrition security.

Metallum is focused on the health and safety of its workforce and on measures to prevent and manage the transmission of COVID-19 within the communities of operations as well as in our workforce. Management is committed to operating safely and profitably while maintaining industry best practices in employee relations, community outreach, and environmental safeguards.


To be valued by our stakeholders as a leader in sustainability and in base metal development


Metallum’s mission is to create sustainable value through the acquisition, exploration and development of base metal reserves while committing to safety and social, environmental stewardship 

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Our Values

Metallum Resources - Niigaani Drilling
  • The Health & Safety of Our Employees
    Operating in safe conditions and environments with the proper equipment.
  • The Environment
    Adhering to our environmental standards and policies, and reducing our environmental impact.
  • Our Communities
    We show respect for cultural diversity and work in partnership with communities and civil society groups to create sustainable growth and development.
  • Operational Excellence
    We achieve high standards through operational efficiency and best practices.
  • Transparency & Integrity
    We aim to be open in all our dealings with stakeholders, including customers, suppliers and other partners, employees, investors and communities and to stay firmly committed to our policies. 

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